The MC3-hosted platform that allows you to offer your customers a marketplace where they can purchase, provision, and manage Cloud offerings.

The model is an extension of your current features in the MC3 Cloud Storefront.

Rebranding has never been easier

Our platform provides an easy-to-modify template that requires no coding. You can customize it according to your branding guidelines. Include your logo, add some banners, and your Storefront will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Managing Product Catalogue

The entire MC3 product catalogue is at your disposal to display on your Storefront. Set your selling margin on the products you wish to promote, and with a click of a button, your Storefront online catalogue gets immediately updated.

Easily access your Storefront Settings
and Management Features

Access the extended features of the Cloud Master model directly from the MC3 Cloud Storefront. Easily adjust the general settings of your Storefront according to your preferences, such as company name, URL, and language, among others.

Managing End Customers

Our Cloud Master offering provides a basic yet integrated set of customer management functionalities that enable resellers to maintain stable relationships with their clientele. These functionalities include customer information management, special prices management, order management, and subscription management, among others.

Managing your Customers' Orders

Resellers have full control over order management and approval with the Standard Edition. The visibility of all orders offered by the Reseller Dashboard ensures that both you and your end customers enjoy a seamless ordering experience with complete budgetary control.

Reseller APIs Access

You will gain access to an API that has been specifically designed for you, granting access to the details of your end customers, the products you can resell, as well as the invoices generated by MC3.

Select the Plan that suits your needs and launch now your Customer Portal with a few clicks!

Free Edition

Why Free: You are a SMB Cloud Provider looking to jump start your digital business, launch your own Customer Portal and provide your B2B customers a modern and intuitive self-service portal to place orders and manage their subscriptions. Products and prices will be automatically populated by our catalog and you can customize your pricing and invite your customers!

The Free plan is FREE for all the time you want!

Standard Edition

Why Standard: You are an enterprise Cloud Provider looking to create a new digital sales and management cloud portal to digitally transact with your B2B Customers and streamline the reconciliation and billing processes. The Customer Portal is all that you're looking for! Plus it will allow you to get a 360 view and manage your customers!

Your Digital Transformation starts here!

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