Microsoft Copilot

Bing Chat Enterprise, now simply Microsoft Copilot, has the advantage of being able to answer questions based on today’s information, whereas other AI chat experiences often offer dated answers. It is transparent about the sources for the information behind the answers, so you know exactly where the content is coming from. We encourage you to review before making decisions or taking actions based on the responses.

With Microsoft Copilot, you have the power of a leading-edge tool and the protection needed for company data.

Copilot for you

Writing prompts is how you ask Copilot to do things on your behalf. Our Copilot Lab experience will help you to find your Power Prompts – those phrases you share with Copilot that accelerate your productivity, freeing you from day to day tasks like summarizing meetings and helping you to prepare for your next important meeting.

Copilot for your team

Copilot for your team is a powerful tool that helps you collaborate more effectively with your colleagues. Copilot works seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and other popular apps, so you can access your files and data easily. With Copilot, you can save time, improve quality, and boost productivity across your entire team.

Build your prompt skills

Prompts are how you ask Microsoft 365 Copilot to do something for you — like creating, summarizing, editing, or transforming. Think about prompting like having a conversation, using plain but clear language and providing context like you would with an assistant.