Protect all clients, whatever their hardware, software, or use case
Acronis Cyber Cloud is a platform that enables service providers to deliver cyber protection in an easy, efficient and secure way. With a single platform, you and your customers gain access to hybrid cloud backup, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, file sync and share, and blockchain-based file notarization and e-signature services, all managed from a centralized console.

  • Superior protection
    Goes beyond backup and disaster recovery by safeguarding client data and systems with AI- and blockchain-based solutions.
  • Greater efficiency
    A single console streamlines management, maintenance, training, supervision, and billing so you can concentrate on your clients.
  • Business differentiation
    Enables you to build new standard and custom services, white label them, and price them so you stand out from the competition.


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Sumesh Ramdoyal (sumesh_ramdoyal@mc3.fr)