MC3 Cloud Microsoft Premier Support for Partners

Microsoft Premier Support Services for partners (PSfP) is a set of comprehensive enterprise support services that helps reduce costs, enhance productivity, and use technology to realize new business opportunities for any stage of the IT lifecycle together with MC3 Cloud, Support services include:


Proactive services help maintain and improve health of your IT infrastructure and operations.  Prioritized 24x7 problem resolution services to provide rapid response to minimize downtime


Manage Support

·        Easily create and manage support requests for your Microsoft cloud

·        Track the status of your open support requests at-a glance and from one central location.

·        Ensure key team members stay informed by providing them access to support requests.

·        End customers on CSP will be able to create their own ticket with a 24x7 enhanced support with Microsoft PSfP



Reactive services
Reactive services help resolve issues in your Microsoft environment and are typically consumed on demand and can include any combination of the following services:

Problem Resolution Support (PRS): Assistance for problems with specific symptoms encountered while using Microsoft products including troubleshooting a specific problem, error message or functionality that is not working as intended for Microsoft products. Incident severity definitions, the Microsoft estimated initial response time


The incident severity determines the response levels within Microsoft, initial estimated response times and your responsibilities. You are responsible for outlining the business impact to your organization, in consultation with us, and Microsoft will assign the appropriate severity level. You can request a change in severity level during the term of an incident should the business impact require a change.

Table: Incident response


Severity and situation

Our expected response

Your expected response

Severity A

Critical business impact:

Significant loss or degradation of services
Needs attention within one hour

First call response in one
hour or less
(Microsoft PSFP) resources remotely assisting end-customers
Critical situation resource (1)
Continuous effort on a 24/7
Notification of our (Microsoft PSFP) Senior Managers

Allocation of appropriate
resources to sustain
continuous effort on a 24/7
Rapid access and response
from change control
Management notification
Submission via phone only (3)

Severity B

Moderate business impact:

Moderate loss or degradation of services, but work can reasonably continue in an impaired manner
Needs attention within two
business hours

First call response in two
hours or less
Effort during business hours

Allocation of appropriate
resources to align to
Microsoft effort
Access and response from
change control authority
within four business hours
Submission via phone or web

Severity C
Minimum business impact:

Substantially functioning with minor or no impediments of services

First call response in four
hours or less
Effort during business hours

Accurate contact
information on case owner
Responsive within 24 hours
Submission via phone or web



1 Critical situation resources are individuals who are assigned to help drive prompt issue resolution through case engagement, escalation, resourcing, and coordination.
2 We may need to downgrade the severity level if you are not able to provide adequate resources or responses to enable us to continue with problem resolution efforts.
3 You may submit online services support requests through the applicable online services support portals.
4  Business hours are generally defined as 09:00 to 17:30 Local Standard Time, excluding holidays and weekends. Business hours may differ slightly in your country.